Be Inspired and enlightened through Kirsten’s unique approach to unlocking the hidden talent within organisational teams. Her customised workshop presentations are hands-on with actionable steps that your teams will be able to implement immediately. High energy, informative and innovative. Your teams will be on the fast track to future proofing your organisation’s success.

Kirsten’s workshops are on topics related to Intrapreneurship, Career Success, Personal Branding, Unlocking Creativity, Women’s Leadership, Mentoring, Networking & Collaborating for Success.

As a guide, Kirsten’s most requested workshops include;



Employee to Intrapreneur
Future Proof Your Business By Unlocking Your Hidden Intrapreneurs
5 Steps to Creating a Dynamic and Innovative Workforce for the Future

In this Workshop You’ll Discover

  • What is an Intrapreneur
  • Why Intrapreneurs are the backbone of organisations of the future
  • The Secrets of Intrapreneurial Success
  • How you can unleash the hidden intrapreneurs within your organisation and future proof your business success


Rise to the Top

The Intrapreneurial Formula to Fast Track Your Careerkirsten-workshop
Reinvigorate your career and #smashtheceiling
In This Workshop You’ll Discover

  • What it takes to amplify your career
  • Why Intrapreneurs are the backbone of organisations of the future and the role you can play
  • The Secrets of being the master of your career destiny
  • How you can unleash the intrapreneur within and fast track your career success




You Inc.
Uncover the Secrets of Personal Branding and the Real Reason you Need to Care

In This Workshop You’ll Discover

  • What the new rules of personal branding look like and the tools you need now and in the future
  • Why personal branding and social proof is not only necessary but essential for career success
  • The Secrets to unlocking your personal brand
  • How you can amplify your success and future proof your career



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