Business Strategy | Kirsten Basford
Australian based Marketing Consultant and Business Growth Strategist. Kirsten Basford will take your business through a one-day personalised business strategy session that will eliminate stress and take the guess work out of taking your business to the next level.
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–  Are you ready to drop the constant chase of the next sale and the stress of wondering where to go to find it and replace it with a simple set of proven strategies to grow your income?


– Would you like to know how to measure the success of your marketing efforts?


– How would life be improved, if you knew you were targeting the right audience for your business and effortlessly communicating with them to grow brand loyalty and sales?


– Imagine working ON and IN your business in equal measures. Can you sense the increased creativity and enjoyment?


– Would a simple yet effective set of steps that help you to know which ideas you should run with and which ones you need to drop, be helpful?


– Have you realised yet, that what got you here won’t keep you here? Are you ready to know what lies beyond the ceiling?


– Are you great at setting goals but find that they often get swallowed up in the busy-ness of doing business?

If you said yes to any of these, it's time to talk straight. I'll give you the tools to achieve all of the above, and more.

In my one-day personalised strategy session, we will explore nine fundamental building blocks that will put your business on a growth trajectory with clear purpose and an easy to execute plan.

We will deep dive into areas of your business such as:

  • Customer Value Proposition

  • Customer Segment Channels

  • Revenue Streams

  • Key Resources &

  • Cost Structure

You will finish the session with a powerful business-model strategy tool that you can refer to often, because it’s just one page!

Great businesses start with the customer and work backwards from there – our session will start with your customers and we then work back to get you a plan that is aligned with your goals, values and mission and connects to your customers so that your sales will increase and you’ll smash your targets.


What you can expect:

  • An initial consultation followed by a full day strategy planning day face to face – just you, your team and me. Finished up with a post session review and the strategy handover.

  • A roadmap to help you grow your business and achieve your goals.

  • You will get all your ideas out of your head and into a document that can be communicated easily & executed immediately.

  • You will eliminate the reactive, shoot from the hip, scattergun approach to running your business.

  • A strategic plan that will take the stress and guess work out of where the next sales are coming from.

  • A plan that allows you to take back the control. You will know the areas of your business to focus on to get you the results that will smash your business goals.

  • You might even have fun whilst doing it!


About Your Facilitator

Kirsten Basford is an accomplished Marketing and Communications executive with experience across a diverse range of industries.

Kirsten’s expertise lies in understanding the core target consumer, their behaviour and the ability to quickly and effectively produce marketing & communication strategies that cut through to a diverse and often fragmented market, both on a large and small scale.

With 22 years in senior marketing positions and sitting on the executive team for global organisations such as Sony Music, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Wella, Starbucks Coffee and Jurlique along with running her own successful consultancy with both private sector & Government clients, Kirsten has first-hand experience at effective business growth strategies in both good times and bad.

Kirsten holds a Bachelor of Business with a double major in Marketing & Human Resource Management and is currently undertaking a Masters Degree in Business Psychology.




What Others Say about working with Kirsten:


“Being a creative person with no business background, meeting Kirsten was a lightbulb moment for me. Here was someone with brand experience who could see where my business needed to be taken. We have worked together to build our brand and are reaching new and growing markets that we otherwise would have missed if it wasn’t for the “outside” the box thinking from Kirsten. Every step of the way Kirsten has listened to our thoughts, concerns and given guidance that only someone with her expertise could. Working with Kirsten is inspiring and enriching.”

Kate Sutton, Director & Designer, Uberkate


Working with Kirsten and her team was great. Kirsten is a strategic thinker that understands consumers and what makes them tick. She manages her team with passion and enthusiasm and gets the best commercial outcomes. What is most impressive is her ability to mix her creative thinking with the overall business objectives which is the key to her success. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Paul Bonnici, Creative Director, Create & Communicate 2c


Kirsten is one of those rare breed of marketers – savvy, strong, clever and truly understands the full spectrum of commercial reality. We have worked together on many occasions and I have always loved her can-do attitude, refreshing approach and the fact she is driven by results. If you’re looking for someone who will leave a little sparkle on everything she works on then contact Kirsten
Kylie Green, Managing Director Kimberlin Education


“As a small business owner it’s impossible to be effective in all areas of business, I have a fabulous product but just needed a little bit extra.

I found Kirsten when I really needed an outside view of my business and ways in which to really grow it to the next level.

Kirsten helped me fine tune my marketing to where it was needed and give a structured approach to increase sales and distribution.

It was great having someone see the overall picture and pinpoint the direction needed then guide us through with a well-informed plan. I have been able to increase my sales in the existing channel but also open up my online sales and now international expansion. Very exciting times.”

Michel Shumacher, Bella Bodies Shapewear 



“Kirsten Basford is not your typical professional in marketing.

Rather than bore you senselessly with buzz words, SWOT analysis and theory, Kirsten brings her wealth of professional, corporate marketing experience, at senior levels in global brands, to the SME and bigger tables, with a HUGE dose of humanity, fun and permission. I can ask Kirsten any question and know that she will give me a considered and thoughtful response, using the sum of her skills and success in building strong brands.

Kirsten understands the needs of all businesses to spend wisely and track a solid return on their investment. She also understands that not all businesses want to ‘do it’ the way others are doing it – they want to have their own stamp of authentic branding. Not only does Kirsten know this; she encourages it!

If you want to have an expert on your team, who will listen to you, talk with you, develop with you and add the global ability to create a winning brand to YOUR business; I recommend you give Kirsten a call.

Helen Treloar,  Business Owner / Success Coach



Please contact Kirsten for an initial discovery call: 0407 067 215