About Kirsten | Kirsten Basford
Australian based Marketing Consultant and expert in Marketing to the lucrative over 55's market. Kirsten Basford is the principal of Marketing Agency Five9 Media. Specialising in Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Advertising, Events and Public Relations.
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Meeting Kirsten was a lightbulb moment for me. We have worked together to build our brand and are reaching new and growing markets that we otherwise would have missed if it wasn’t for the “outside” the box thinking from Kirsten. Every step of the way Kirsten has listened to our thoughts, concerns and given guidance that only someone with her expertise could. Working with Kirsten is inspiring and enriching. Kate Sutton Creative Director, Uberkate.

Kirsten is the Director and Founder of Five9 Media. Leading the team and collaborating with brands and agencies to create strategies that cut through to the 50+ market sector. Her expertise lies in understanding this core target consumer, their behaviour and the ability to quickly and effectively produce marketing & communication strategies that complement and enhance existing strategies that get results. Throughout her career she has lead the marketing strategy of some of the worlds biggest consumer brand names including Starbucks Coffee, Sony Music, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment & Jurlique.

Today she produces campaigns for brands on both a large and small scale with the sole focus of engaging and reinvigorating brands with an untapped consumer market segment. Australian’s over 50 that are time and cash rich and ready to reward themselves.

Kirsten also has a strong passion for businesses in regional Australia and spends time facilitating workshops and mentoring business owners and high potential employees with great results. The focus being to utilise her global marketing strategies and expertise to assist and empower smaller businesses to reach their full potential. It’s also a great part of the world to work!

Kirsten is excited by out-of-the-box approaches to everyday problems. She is energised in times of crisis and in advising brands on ways they can soar. Five9 Media is a result of taking her knowledge and experience gained from over two decades in Marketing & Communications and doing what she does best; creating challenging campaigns that cut through.

A mum of two, Kirsten spends her weekends driving to rugby and ballet then enjoying time with friends and family with a cheeky wine (or two!).